How do I add or update my delivery instructions?

Updated 1 week ago by Katie Hayhurst

When your order is despatched, you will receive an email with your tracking number(s). You can follow these links to submit any delivery instructions to your courier.

Alternative delivery options with DPD

If your order is being delivered via DPD you can click the tracking link in your email/text dispatch notification or download the DPD app. This will allow you to ask the DPD to deliver to your safe place, to a neighbour, to your nearest pick-up shop or they can even amend to a later date.

As your consignment details are associated with your phone number, your delivery info will automatically be received in DPD's system. The DPD app is free to download & you can even take a picture of your door so your delivery driver knows exactly what to look for. 🚪📦

Alternative delivery options with Paack - please contact Bother's Customer Care team for support.

If your order is being delivered via Paack please let us know as soon as you can! This way we can submit the delivery instructions before your order is routed for delivery. Once your order is in flight, there is a chance your driver may not get the information in time potentially causing a delay to your delivery. You have the option to leave at a specified neighbour's address or in a designated safe space.

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