Do your products have expiry dates and how can I find out?

Updated 8 months ago by Katie Hayhurst

When purchasing a product at Bother, we will always aim to ensure you receive the maximum shelf life available to us and depending on the product, the best before date can range from years to months. Please also be aware that the date displayed is the very minimum shelf life guaranteed by our suppliers. We won't send you anything that has a best before date under 1 month. 

In our fight against food waste, we've put together our Waste Not Want Not category, where you'll be able to find items at a discounted price that will be a little closer to our 1-month guarantee than the rest of our range.  

You may also notice that some products in this category will have a few months left until their best before date and might think that’s a bit strange... To be totally transparent with you, this will happen when we may have a bit too much stock on our hands and want to ensure that all stock goes to a good home. 

Interested in how expiry dates are responsible for 10% of the 88 million tons of food wasted across Europe? Read more here

If you're wondering about a specific item’s best before date, reach out to our Customer Care Team and we can look into this for you. 

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